November 29th, 2018

Now that we've had the month to think upon, write and sing about gratitude, what have you learned about Divine goodness?  Let's review what it means to be satisfied and delighted  by Spirit, as we continue to incorporate the practice of gratitude every day.  



November 20th, 2018

Martin Luther stated, "Music is one of the fairest and most glorious gifts of God."  It is only natural that Kit Holmes include "Grati-Tunes" in our November series on giving thanks.  Join Kit and the Sunday band for this musical thank-you card.  



November 13th, 2018

How can we maintain our new gratitude attitude?  There are many methods, tools, and prompts that make gratitude a tangible feature of our spiritual life.  We might begin to find ourselves spilling over with joy!  If Unity is Practical Christianity, let's make sure our "toolbox" is stocked, especially for those days that are busy or distracted.  



November 6th, 2018

As we begin this season of giving thanks, it is important that we "re-calibrate" ourselves, especially about the things we take for granted.  Let's explore the attitude that we can consciously create so that we are living in a state of gratefulness all the time.  Even if you are a "gratitude list" keeper, we can all use a little polishing and growth in honoring all of creation and the creator.  



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