A New Easter for a New World

April 14th, 2020

We are all familiar with the themes of rebirth and renewal as we celebrate Easter. We are familiar with the notion that Easter is not just a one-time-in- the-year holy day, but more a practice that we can incorporate every day. We are familiar with the archetypal “darkness before the light” motif. But this year, as we celebrate Easter in a totally new way, let us extend our consciousness to embrace ALL Christians who celebrate this day. It doesn’t matter what denomination it is, whether or not we agree with their theology, or whether or not we are familiar with the demonstration of the message. The point is that now, more than ever, we shall practice expanding our awareness to embrace more and more of humanity. Why not start with others who find this day extraordinary? Why not extend our goodwill (and maybe our own brokenness that is being healed) toward those whom, under different circumstances, we might be more focused on our differences than our similarities? We are called to a mighty stretch in so many ways right now; let’s do that together on this beautiful Sunday.

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